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Ji plank:Hot plate zinc Ji plank and hot plate the aluminum zinc metal alloy Ji plank

Specification:Thickness:0.18 mm 0.70 mm

Width:   1000 mm 1250 mm

Color:   customer  request

Other:   customer a request

Use:     International popular, widespread application of new green building materials, flourishing nation industry building 80 utilization rate be outstandingly full certificate colourful steel tile to bear Hou function.

Application extensive:       Large factory premises, warehouse, process a car, food noodles database, trade buildings, such as market and carport...etc. and building round to block plank.

The life span is long-last:    Car paint the craft plate zinc to roast a paint processing of colourful plank, reach to 8 F more protection layer.Roast paint adhesive strength very strong, didn't need to be support for 20 years.

The fire prevention anti- breeze:    The colourful plank is pressed to model by Gun, although the steel plate be thin strength Gao, be applicable to foreland an usage more.

The color and luster is fresh and clear:     The variety tone can be provided as choice, for your building add honor to add colourful, exaltation business enterprise image and competition ability.

The construction is fast:    Adoption appropriation auto bolt fix, around ten thousand rice house noodles install need 20 days, general worker then operation completion, consumedly shorten building work period, create a performance soon for you.

    Our hope can provide profession for the large customer reasonable special discount of price, establishment long-term good cooperative relation!Welcome everyone telephone your letter inquiry, order!


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